Upcoming Exhibitions

A Journey to the Orient. Otto Friedrich von Richter’s (1791–1816) Trips and Collection
The exhibition focuses on the culture of ancient Egypt and the Egyptian craze that struck Europe in the late 18th century. The knowledge and objects of ancient Egypt arrived at the University of Tartu as the legacy of O. Fr. von Richter, a young Baltic German orientalist.
The exhibition was organised in collaboration with the University of Tartu Art Museum.

With an Inquisitive Gaze. Mannerist Painting from the National Museum in Warsaw
21.10.2017– 25.02.2018
This collaborative exhibition brings almost 40 Mannerist paintings by the Netherlandish masters of the 16th and 17th centuries from Poland to the Estonia. The central style trait of Mannerist art is artistry; the emphasis is on subjectivity and theatricality. This art is related to the court culture of the time, which was defined by an interest in curiosities, erotica and luxury.
Curator: Greta Koppel