A Ballet Evening in Kadriorg Palace

A special programme available for event organisers

The Goltsman Ballett offers a special ballet programme for events organised at the Kadriorg Palace!

Enhance your evening with dance and ballet performances!

Classical ballet and neoclassical dance, beautiful music, soaring ballerinas and the enchanting atmosphere of Kadriorg Palace together form the best way to make your office evening into an unforgettable experience.

The programme is available as an entire concert performance (lasting about 40 minutes), or as two or three short performances presented throughout the evening amid other activities. The programme can be accompanied by live or recorded music.

There is no age limit for guests. The repertoire includes dances for adults, as well as for younger dance and music lovers. Even the very youngest!

A dance-themed master class is also available.

For more information and prices, send an email to goltsmanballet@gmail.com or call + 372 506 2345


Photo: Alexander Stadnikov