Exhibitions 2006

Portraits of Russian Tsars
I part 21.10.2006–27.05.2007
The exhibit introduces the wider public to the portraits of the Russian czars and their family members from Estonian art collections—in paintings, graphic art, sculpture, as well as applied arts. The portrait gallery starts with an effigy of Rurik, Russia’s ancient ruler, although it focuses primarily on the rulers from Peter the Great to Nicholas II, or those, during whose reigns Estonia was part of the Russian Empire.

Saint Petersburg vs Moscow
Three tendencies of Russian Art at the turn of the 19th century

Exhibition St. Petersburg vs Moscow gives a compact review of the variegated and impassioned cultural life in Russia at the turn of the 20th century, where the conservatism and radical modernism, high spirit and wild passions, aspiration for eternal harmony and provoking behaviour were deeply intertwined.