Exhibitions 2010

Presenting Leonardo da Vinci’s Self-Portrait (?)

The Kadriorg Art Museum has a unique opportunity to present a painting found in the southern Italian town of Acerenza in 2008, a possible self-portrait by the Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci. The presentation focuses particularly on the extensive research undertaken to determine the painting’s author and date, which encompasses forensics (comparisons of fingerprints found on the painting), medicine (the physiognomics of da Vinci’s face) and chemistry (analysis of colour pigments). The process involved the Estonians Orest Kormashov and Helen Kokk, who created a three-dimensional model of da Vinci’s head.

Permanent exhibition of Netherlandish Art
From 29.05.2010

The new permanent exhibition of Netherlandish art allows for the continuous addition and rearrangement of works in the future, which enables the museum to present its collection in a more comprehensive way, and offer various visual and thematic convergences. The new permanent exhibition will provide a diverse selection of Netherlandish artworks completed between the 16th and 19th centuries, including never before exhibited works from such world-renowned artists as Jacob Jordaens and Leonaert Bramer.

Unveiling Masterpieces. Kadriorg Art Museum 10

In 2010, we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the reopening of the Kadriorg Palace and of the foundation of the Kadriorg Art Museum. At the anniversary exhibition “Unveiling Masterpieces”, the most fascinating items from the museum’s collection are displayed. The audience gets a chance to view the ‘raw diamonds’ of the foreign art collection of Estonia – works of art that reveal spectacular quality once the darkened varnish layer is removed – and will be given insights into these discoveries.