Exhibitions 2013

When the Artist Met Clio. Historical Scenes from the 19th Century
The first art event to bring together the historical illustrations created and collected in Estonia during the 19th century. Clio, the artist and history muse, speaks at the exhibition. A dialogue is born, based on fantasy and then on science, monumental or intimate, passionate or contemplative.
Historical events and places, one’s own and others, weapons and costumes, heroes and paragons come to life in the pictures. Albert, the Bishop of Riga meets Kaupo, the leader of the Livonians; the chronicler Henry of Livonia meets Plettenberg, the Grand Master of the Order; King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette; Generals Alexander the Great and Alexander Nevsky, Napoleon and Kutuzov, as well as many others.
The exhibition will be accompanied by the annotated publication of the two volumes (published in 1839 and 1842) of Fünfzig Bilder aus der Geschichte der deutschen Ostsee-Provinzen Russlands nebst erklärendem Text by Friedrich Ludwig von Maydell, the father of Baltic historical illustration.

Repin. A Russian Master’s Life and Work in Finland
The collaborative exhibition of the Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki and the Kadriorg Art Museum of the works of Ilya Repin (1844–1930), a great name in Russian Realist art, brings viewers the artist’s sensitive portraiture and reveals the creative background of the famous compositions.
In the exhibition, which introduces the period of his life spent in Finland, Repin, who is known primarily as a Realist, is revealed as an elegant Impressionist portraitist and society painter, whose works depict outstanding figures from both Russian and Finnish history. In addition, a selection of the artist’s drawings are also introduced to viewers, and they help to reveal Repin’s work methods and the creative background of his most famous masterpieces. The exhibition catalogue, which is a collaborative effort of Finnish, Russian and Estonian researchers, places Repin’s work from his Finnish period into both the Russian and Nordic cultural landscapes.