Exhibitions 2015

Between Dresden and St. Petersburg. Artist Twin Brothers von Kügelgen
24.10.2015 – 13.03.2016
The exhibition brings to Estonia the oeuvre of two internationally renowned artists: Franz Gerhard (1772–1820) and Karl Ferdinand (1772–1832) von Kügelgen. From these names we mark the beginning of the history of professional artists in the Baltic countries, but the two men also played a significant role in the cultural history of Germany and Russia.

True Art or a Fake?
The exhibition examines and analyses the concepts of original, copy, forgery, imitation, etc., attempting to explain the intricate relations between these notions, their origins and historical reception. The original of a work of art does not have to be unique, and a copy can be truly original.

Art Work in Close-up
Based on selected examples, the exhibition Art Work in Close-up introduces the path undertaken by works of art before they arrive at a museum: restoration, technical examination, historical investigation and the determination of the context in which the work of art was created, which are all necessary to understand the work.