Palace School

The teachers of our Palace School programmes are lovely, fancily-clad ladies-in-waiting and our lessons take place in the museum halls. Lessons in the Palace School start with a playful tour full of exciting discoveries, which is followed by a creative task to help you remember what you have learned.
Every house has its stories – and that is also true for the Kadriorg Art Museum. The former imperial palace is a place of wonders in which lurk many fascinating tales: during the playful lesson, the children will become familiar with all of them. They will find out who had the palace built and how the place got its name. Together we will examine how it is possible that looking at it from one side the building has two storeys, but three from the other. In the workshop, children create a painted ceiling for the main hall of the palace.

Price: € 4 per participant. Group rate (12 or fewer people): € 48