Open to the World

In its new role – as the Kadriorg Art Museum – the palace holds content worthy of its architecture and is open to the general public. The halls of the palace contain older western European and Russian art – paintings, sculptures and consumer art, which add magnificence and glory to the building that had lost its former interiors. We could say that in addition to the art collection of the state of Estonia, the most important object on display is the palace itself.



The past of the palace has become a legend told to all its visitors, with the accompanying presentation of the layers from different eras inside the building as well as outside – the main hall and facade from the period of Peter I, stairs and room allocation from the 19th century, and the neo-Baroque banquet hall and rooms with oak furnishings in the national style from the period of the first Republic of Estonia. The story of Kadriorg can be heard in almost twenty different languages, and it keeps spreading throughout the world. Together with the old stories, new ones are born in the palace as well – thousands of children begin their path of discovery into the world of art from here, and they reinterpret the palace and its story, intertwining the stories from old times with the new stories of their lives.


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