Accessibility for the Disabled

When coming to the museum in a wheelchair, you should enter via the ramp that is located to the left of the main door. Upon entering the foyer, a portable ramp can be installed for access to the cloakroom and museum shop. You should give notice of your arrival to the security guard by calling 606 6402 or 565 5302. With a wheelchair, you can access the main floor of the Kadriorg Palace (the main hall, the hall for temporary exhibitions, and the permanent exhibition) and the permanent exhibition of Netherlandish art on the third floor. The lift can accommodate a wheelchair and companion.

The museum has a toilet for people with mobility disabilities.

When visiting the museum with a guide dog, please inform the museum’s security guard in advance by calling 606 6402 or 565 5302. When entering the museum, it is necessary to descend one step. The cloakroom and café are located to the right as you proceed through the foyer. This area can be accessed by stairs with two steps.

You will arrive at the cashier by going straight from the main entrance until you reach a step, and then by going four steps to the left.

The toilet for disabled visitors is located to the left of the cashier. You should walk three steps forward, climb two steps up, and walk six steps straight ahead. The door to the toilet is on the left and there is a wide threshold under the door.

You will arrive at the museum shop if you move straight ahead from the main entrance, until you reach a step. Then go four steps to the right, and the museum will be on the left.

You can enter the exhibitions halls by walking six steps to the right from the cashier. After climbing two steps, you will pass through glass doors that will open automatically. On the right, there is a curving wooden staircase that leads to the exhibitions halls on the second floor.