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Art Work in Close-up

Art Work in Close-up

Time: 28.03.15–04.10.15  10:00–17:00

Based on selected examples, the exhibition Art Work in Close-up introduces the path undertaken by works of art before they arrive at a museum: restoration, technical examination, historical investigation and the determination of the context in which the work of art was created, which are all necessary to understand the work.

In a separate hall, there is an exhibition of sculptures, which were designed primarily with visually impaired people in mind: they will be able to experience the sculptures directly by touching them and reading the Braille texts, which contain information about the works and the gods of classical antiquity.

Art Work in Close-up is part of the Art Speaks to Everyone programme, marking the 15th year of the museum’s operation, which strives to bring the works of the Old Masters closer to today’s museum visitors and increase their meaningfulness.

Curators: Greta Koppel, Tiina-Mall Kreem, Aleksandra Murre
Designers: Tuuli Aule, Isabel Aaso-Zahradnikova
Conservators: Jelena Jurjeva, Alar Nurkse, Hilkka Hiiop, Isabel Aaso-Zahradnikova, Aleš Zahradnik

We thank: Kultuurkapital ja Hasartmängumaksu nõukogu