MozartFest II: Anna Salnit, Maksym Filatov, Irina Vilegzhanina ja Roksana Tarvide 22/12/2022 | 18:00

Kadriorg Art Museum
monogrammiga kompositsioon Kadrioru lossi peasaalis
Monogrammiga kompositsioon Kadrioru lossi peasaalis

MozartFest II: Anna Salnit, Maksym Filatov, Irina Vilegzhanina ja Roksana Tarvide

MozartFest II 2022 comes back to Tallinn to celebrate the art of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Four different concerts featuring Estonian and international artists are waiting for you in the elegant halls of Toompea´s Academy of Science and Kadriorg Palace. The halls will resonate with the masterpieces of Mozart in vocal, piano and chamber music.
On this last day of the MozartFest II 2022, our international guests from Latvia and Finland – violinist Anna Salnit and Maksym Filatov, cellist Irina Vilegzhanina and pianist Roksana Tarvide – will perform beautiful pieces from the Mozart repertoire.


Piano trio in C major K. 548
Andante cantabile

Duo for violin and viola (transcription for violin and cello) in G major K. 423

Sonata in E minor for violin and piano K. 304/300с
Tempo di Menuetto

Church Sonata No.11 in D major K. 245
Church Sonata No. 17 in C major K. 336
Church Sonata No. 8 in A major K. 225
Church Sonata No. 15 in C major K. 328

Do not miss this unique event and come celebrate with us one of the greatest composers of all time. May the beauty of Mozart’s music bring joy to your heart and brighten the long awaited Christmas season.
The famous violin Sonata in E minor and Piano trio in C major, the rare Duo for violin and viola, and the sacred Church Sonatas will resonate in our hearts and anticipate the beautiful Christmas season.